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Charity Runner Partners

As a result of winning the America Inspired contest, I have started a new initiative to continue to give back to charities while encouraging fellow runner friends to take up the banner of charity running.

Over a series of marathons and ultramarathons from Sep 2012, I will be inviting as many as 50 fellow runners to partner up with me in raising awareness and funding for my three main charities (the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Back on My Feet, and the Mount Sinai Medical Center WTC Health Program) in my pursuit of my 50sub4 and 50sub3.5 goals.

Some of these runners are first time charity runners willing to be introduced to the fund and awareness raising undertakings involved with running for a charitable cause. Others are seasoned charity running veterans who are lending their help in furthering the mission and causes for my charities. Each of them have decided to take on the challenge of training hard to run 26.2 miles and completing a marathon to benefit others. Their efforts are truly commendable! Click on their names to learn more about their personal stories.

50sub4 / 50sub3.5 Charity Runner Partners
Bold indicates they are registered.

01/30, Miami Marathon (FL), PanCAN, Eunji Jen Kim

33sub4 - 09/09, Sioux Falls Marathon (SD), PanCAN, Alicia Eno
34sub4/9sub3.5 - 09/15, Air Force Marathon (OH), WTC, Julia Khvasechko
38sub4/12sub3.5 - 10/13, Hartford Marathon (CT), WTC, Peter Lantin
39sub4 attempt - 10/21, Des Moines Marathon (IA), WTC, Mary Harvey
40sub4 attempt - 11/11, Outer Banks Marathon (NC), ?
41sub4 attempt - 11/18, Route 66 Marathon (OK), WTC, Lisa Cao
42sub4 attempt - 12/09, Honolulu Marathon (HI), WTC, Paul Arroyo, Regular 50 States Finish

43sub4 attempt - 01/06, Zoom! Yah! Yah! Indoor Marathon (MN)
44sub4 attempt - 01/20, Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon (AZ)
45sub4 attempt - 03/02, Albany Marathon (GA)
03/30, Two Rivers Marathon (PA), PanCAN, Eunji Jen Kim
46sub4 attempt - 04/27, Country Music Marathon (TN)
47sub4 attempt - 05/05, Colorado Marathon (CO)
48sub4 attempt - 05/19, Shires of Vermont Marathon (VT)
49sub4 attempt - 06/02, Worchester Marathon (MA)
50sub4 attempt - 06/23, Bay of Fundy Marathon (ME)
X.) 11/9, Chickamauga (GA), WTC, Daiki Nakajima

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