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One of my running goals is to complete a marathon or ultramarathon on all 7 Continents, as inspired by my love of travel and by the Seven Continents Club. This task is not as arduous or time consuming as a 50 States or 50sub4 finish, but does require a significant amount of financial resources and time away from work.

"In 1995, the inaugural Antarctica Marathon on "The Last Continent" made it possible for runners to conquer a marathon on all of the earth's seven continents. In recognition of those runners who have achieved this amazing feat, Marathon Tours & Travel established the Seven Continents Club (SCC).

Since then, over 300 men and women have completed this quest. These adventurous athletes have run on the following continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica."

Source: Seven Continents Club (

PR's by Country

Country Count: 16 (as of 2019/01/22, sub-4's listed in bold.)
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Country City Date Race Time Race Count
Australia Gold Coast 2014/07/06 Gold Coast Airport Marathon 4:40:14 1 marathon
Bahamas Nassau 2015/01/18 Marathon Bahamas 5:00:08 1 marathon
Bermuda Hamilton 2019/01/22 Bermuda Marathon 5:56:35 1 marathon
Brazil Rio de Janeiro 2013/07/07 Rio de Janeiro Marathon 3:55:14 1 marathon
Canada Toronto 2013/10/20 Toronto Waterfront Marathon 3:20:07 6 marathons
1 ultra
France Paris 2018/04/08 Berlin Marathon 5:49:17 1 marathon
Germany Berlin 2011/09/25 Berlin Marathon 3:38:21 2 marathons
China SAR Hong Kong 2011/02/20 Hong Kong Marathon 4:11:17 1 marathon
Italy Rome 2015/03/22 Maratona di Roma 3:59:05 1 marathon
Ireland Dublin 2018/10/28 Dublin Marathon 4:43:05 1 marathon
Japan Tokyo 2011/02/27 Tokyo Marathon 4:11:10 2 marathons
Moldova Chisinau 2018/09/30 Chisinau Marathon 4:58:47 1 marathon
Scotland Edinburgh 2012/05/27 Edinburgh Marathon 3:34:53 1 marathon
South Africa Pietermaritzburg to
2012/06/03 Comrades Marathon 9:37:39 1 ultra
United Arab Emirates Dubai 2015/01/23 Dubai Marathon 3:57:46 1 marathon
USA Holdingford to
St. Joseph
2013/05/11 Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon 3:15:12 137 marathons
34 ultras

PR's by Continent

Continent Count: 6 (as of 2014/07/11, sub-4's listed in bold.)
Click on Column Headers to Sort the Table.
Continent Country Date Race Time Race Count
Africa South Africa 2012/06/03 Comrades Marathon 9:37:39 1 ultra
Asia United Arab Emirates 2015/01/23 Dubai Marathon 3:57:46 4 marathons
Europe Scotland 2012/05/27 Edinburgh Marathon 3:34:53 5 marathons
North America USA 2013/05/11 Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon 3:15:12 123 marathons
31 ultras
Oceania Australia 2014/07/06 Gold Coast Airport Marathon 4:40:14 1 marathon
South America Brazil 2013/07/07 Rio de Janeiro Marathon 3:55:14 1 marathon

Kino's Recommended 7 Continents Marathons / Ultras
[States & races that I have run and recommend are in bold. The others were recommended by others, or ones I selected based on my own research].
Africa - Comrades Marathon 89K (56M Road)
Antarctica - Antarctic Ice Marathon & 100K (Trail), The Last Desert (250K 6-Days Trail), McMurdo Marathon (Trail), Antarctica Marathon (Trail)
Asia - Tokyo Marathon
Europe - Berlin Marathon, Maratona di Roma (Rome Marathon), London Marathon, Paris Marathon
North America - NYC Marathon, Javelina Jundred 100
Oceania - Buller Gorge Marathon, Gold Coast Airport Marathon, Melbourne Marathon, Sydney Marathon
South America - Maratona do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro Marathon)

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