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Alicia Eno

Interviews Conducted on: 2012/05/18 & 2012/09/17

Race: 2012 Sioux Falls Marathon (Sioux Falls, SD) on 2012/09/09 in 3:20:52!
Cause: Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN)

Name: Alicia Eno
Hometown: Bay City, MI
Current Location: Marion, AR
Age: 35
Occupation: Behavioral Psychologist
Blog / Website: N/A
Facebook Page:
Twitter: @karhu262girl
Videos: 88 Marathon Runner, Psychologist, Alicia Eno (Karhu Sisu Series)
Press Articles: N/A
Running Clubs: Marathon Maniacs #1620, Marathon Maniac Diva #3, 50 States Marathon Club, & Run It Fast - The Club #126.
Sponsors: N/A

Favorite Running Books: Running Times, Trail Runner, & Outside magazines.
Favorite Running Websites: Running Times Forums & Marathon Maniacs
Favorite Quote: "Achievement without struggle is not rewarding." - Heather Fuhr

First Marathon: 2001/04/21 @ Glass City Marathon (Toledo, OH) in 4:06:41
Total Marathons: 73
Total Ultras: 0
Total Marathons+Ultras: 73
Marathon PR: 2012/02/18 @ Myrtle Beach Marathon (Myrtle Beach, SC) in 3:19:40
Training Miles / Week: 80 to 85 miles per week

Favorite Charities / Running Causes: Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN), Autism Speaks
Fundraiser Sites: N/A
Amount Raised: $161
Amount Raised for PanCAN: $161

1.) Describe your life before running.
I was a college student in Psychology, and enjoyed riding horses in dressage and eventing competitions.

2.) What prompted you to start running, and how old were you at the time?
In college I started running when I lived in the dorms to get a way from a bad roommate.

3.) Why do you love running and what keeps you motivated to continue running?
Health is a number one. All of the other number ones are to meet people with similar high motivations, to see all that I can see in travel ( I wish to go to as many places as i can), to experience the good races/bad races, to learn about my own self imposed limits and to try to break them, and to push myself and my goals to see how fast I can become in the marathon.

4.) What is your prior experience with charity running and fundraising?
This was my first for PanCAN. I received very positive and wonderful feedback from others.

5.) Why did you volunteer to become a charity runner with Kino, and what about marathons appeals to you?
Kino is an inspiration to me and I feel lucky to be able to help him raise awareness about PanCAN. If I can help others through my miles, I want to do so more than anything!!! The marathon, no matter how many you run, is always hard-physically and more than that mentally. I wish to see how tough I can get my legs and mind through running marathons.

6.) How has your experience been raising awareness and funds for PanCAN/BoMF/WTC?
I wish to do more and do another race for PanCAN. I feel that others need to know about this and that we can together help others through running.

7.) Describe your 2012 Sioux Falls Marathon charity race experience. How different was it compared to not running for charity (i.e. Why do you feel that using running is a useful tool in helping out charities?)?
I felt I was running the race not just for myself, but for others-I felt I needed to be there, out there, for the whole race and leading up to the marathon.

8.) Do you plan to run a race for charity again, and if so, what charity will it be for?
Yes I do. I hope to run 3 marathons in 2013 for PanCAN.

9.) What are your current running goals?
My current running goals are to break 3:00 in the marathon and to complete all 50 states in under 4 hours in time.

10.) Feel free to add anything else, give thanks, or shout outs.
Thank you for your support Kino so so much and to all the Marathon Maniacs.

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